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Moving Tips

Moving your household or an entire office can be stressful and very time consuming. We have therefore created a set of useful tools that will assist you throughout every stage of the process and make your move as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

Below is guideline of things to consider when first choosing a furniture removal company in Christchurch and you will also be able to find further tools and tips by looking through the left hand navigation. 


10 useful tips for removal

Select a removalist that has a good reputation to protect. This cannot be earned in 5 minutes. Ours has taken us over 60 years of diligence and high quality service to achieve.


Decision 1
Decide on what furniture and goods you will be taking with you. Any items not going can be sold through a garage sale, by an auction house or you could donate them to the Salvation Army, City Mission or other charity.


Decision 2
Decide on how much of the removal work you want to do. Remember that if you do your own packing of breakables then these are normally not insurable. Ensure that the removalist who does the packing has staff trained to pack up to and including international standards (as required).


Check on the removalist to ensure they have a high level of security i.e. how do they check their prospective staff, what internal procedures do they have, how are their staff identified.


How well is the staff presented? Do they all wear corporate uniforms (and not just a tee or polo shirt). What do the vehicles look like – inside as well as outside. Is the fleet modern and well maintained – you do not want oil left on your drive!


Do you feel comfortable and relaxed with the removal person you are dealing with, whether on the phone or face to face? If you feel there is no rapport and empathy then maybe they are not the right people for you.


Can the removalist offer high security storage in Christchurch either at their premises or at a professional facility for maximum security? Are they insurance approved? Can your goods be stored in their own dedicated area, unit or storage containers to keep them from being mixed up with other goods?


How will your pets be moved? What services can the removalist provide especially if you are moving long distance or even overseas.


Range of Vehicles
Ask if the removalist has a range of vehicles so that you get the right one for your move. There is no point sending a big truck if there are any access difficulties, or a small one if two trips are taken for your particular move.


Ask to see some testimonials from previous clients. Ask for a selection over the last 5 or 6 years to ensure that good service has been consistent.

Moving Checklist

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