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Moving Checklist

To ensure that you know that everything is covered before you move, you may find the Moving Checklist a great way to keep track of the things you need to do.


Moving Checklist

  1. Booked removal with Woods Relocations

  2. Made arrangements for your pets

  3. Contacted companies to transfer phone, tv subscriptions & internet

  4. Redirected mail, newspaper and subscriptions 

  5. Told your solicitor, bank, accountant you’re moving

  6. Told your doctor, dentist, vet you’re moving

  7. Arranged final power/gas accounts (& set up new)

  8. Cancelled newspaper deliveries

  9. Notified children’s schools & arranged new schools

  10. Disposed of unwanted goods

  11. Arrange to take keys, money, documents personally

  12. Emptied & defrosted refrigerator/freezer

  13. Cleared garden/tool shed and garage

  14. Ensure potted plants are not watered 24 hours prior to your move

Moving Tips

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