Packing Hints

Packing Hints

service-storageTo make your move as easy as possible our professional moving company in Christchurch’s staff can pack all of your household items for you or specific items if required. Our professional packers provide a second to none service that will see your goods moved safely.

Should you prefer to pack your goods yourself we have prepared a list of instructions to assist you in making sure that your goods are packed as correctly and safely as possible.

How to pack your goods

  1. Select the right carton for the right job. For heavy items such as books, wine and tinned food use smaller cartons such as book cartons. Most other items can be packed into larger tea chest cartons.
  2. Tip carton upside down to gain ready access to flaps on bottom of carton. Fold opposite flaps of carton. DO NOT INTERLOCK FLAPS.
  3. Tape bottom of carton securely. We recommend two thicknesses of packaging tape.
  4. Line bottom of carton with padding – scrunched up paper or towels and linen may be used.
  5. Wrap all china & glassware pieces separately – then stack in carton on their ends or edges.
  6. After each layer of china or glassware place another layer of padding – ensure there is also sufficient padding on the sides of the carton and finally on the top.
  7. A good rule of thumb – any one carton should have two thirds china, one third padding.
  8. For ease of carriage, pack a mixture of light and heavy items in large cartons. Pack cartons right to the top or fill right to the top with padding. DO NOT OVER FILL, tops of cartons should be flat, not sunken or bulging.
  9. Fold the top flaps of the carton in the same manner as the bottom flaps and tape up securely.
  10. Label each carton with room or destination.

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